The Black Sheep addresses people, who follow their own path, not afraid to be themselves, and dare to be different, even if they stand out from the crowd, just as the black sheep. It draws inspiration from the treasures of nature, ancient stories and the fading ghosts of the past. 


Founding her own brand, Judit Vanek made her dreams come true, as she can design luxury bags from leather, the material of which she’s had a great admire for many years.  These accessories are made for fashion lovers, who don’t look upon them as simple objects, but who understand that bags like these become more noble and valuable with passing time as they are carrying their own character and stories. 


Every piece is handmade and we use only premium quality leather with the biggest attention even to the smallest detail in order that you can enjoy your bag as your companion for a long time. We give the best of our knowledge to help you to embrace your uniqueness as you’re wearing our items.